Mary and Max

We went to see Mary and Max last night. It was well worth the trip out into the cold rainy night. I am not the biggest fan of cute, quirky claymation, but even so, I loved it. It's beautifully made, sad, sweet and funny. And for a lover of letters, and the art of writing them, it's a reminder of what treasures they are. In an age of easy flippant communication, the wonder of a letter traveling across the world and actually getting to you, the time taken to write, the hand and thoughts and stories wrapped up in it, not to mention the squashed chocolate bar, is a wonder, I hope not forever lost.

It opened at Sundance Festival this year, and this is from the Sundance website.

This film explores friendship, autism, taxidermy, psychiatry, alcoholism, where babies come from, obesity, kleptomania, trust, copulating dogs, sexual and religious differences, agoraphobia and more, and is rooted in a very personal relationship. Proof of why we go to the movies - a truly exceptional portrait of compassion and love.

Go see it! People I know actually got work animating it. And the animation is gorgeous, Max thundering away on his typewriter made my heart skip a beat. Help them make more films.

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