bright lights

The Gertrude Street Projection Festival opens tonight, which means there will be all sorts of pretty lights out there to brighten our cold dark nights.

look into my eyes
It also means that I have to make these damn animations I've been working on play on the screens they are to play on. I am having technology nightmares, and I swear I have converted and exported every type of .mp4 and .mov file known to man. Fingers crossed I find the one I need.

It's a collaboration with the clever Penelope Durston, and she has been stitching away making a doily wonderland for the critters to play in. If the worst comes to the worst we will lock Jethro in the box and shine lights on him. He doesn't mind, really. He loves the spotlight. It was his idea.

Find it for free on Gertrude street, 6-12pm nightly until July 10. Our work, (and probably Jethro) will be in the window of Cottage Industry, no. 61.

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