3 is the magic number

Today I remembered to stop in at Y3K to have a peak. Lucky me I got to see lovely Fiona and Kain of ffiXXed before they leave town. Too much of Everything. It's a beautiful show. Things like the poster catalogue/the shopperbag top/ the rug w/sleeves all make me quite happy.

ffiXXed, Rug w/ Sleeves, 2008

I was still waiting for paint to dry so I looked in at Sutton to look at New World Records. It was also worth it.
Lastly I visited Mel at Utopian Slumps, I wanted to see Victory Over the Sun, which finishes up tomorrow. I liked paintings from the series Stoopid bougie futcha by Kate Smith. Somebody buy me one plzthx?
Christopher L.G. Hill made me laugh with his Therapeutic Land Art. As did Alex Vivian with his equally dirty little piles of stuff and obsessive constructions. Speaking of which, he has MORE, on show at TCB right now. It's called Stench in Numbers. Stinker.

Christopher L.G.Hill, Therapeutic Land Art (detail)

Alex Vivian, Age/Sex/Location, What U into? 2009

All three shows somehow kinda work together, and cross over, so If I were you and you were interested I'd go look at all three.

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