Dropped Bundle

I have been feeling emotional and overwhelmed. Anxiously finishing off work for an exhibition and fielding I.T. help requests from my Dad and trying to write about my work without having a shread of brain space in which to think about it. I just couldn't help crying. Probably mostly because I was hungry. That can happen.

Time to stop and smell the roses. Not that you can't just smell the nectar in the air everywhere. Melbourne is so sweet and blossomy right now, heady with Jasmine and Daphne and plum/peach/pear. Sorry, for all this boring. I should just shut up and get on with it.


lauren said...

aww..... pet...

here are 3 things that you can blame it on, if you'd like to emotionally outsource the whole deal:

1. full moon. did you see that mother of a magnet? it does wacky things, man.

2. pre-exhibition is always stressfully shit. especially if you've barely had time to process the ending of the last (awesome) show.

3. the rain. milly-vanilly styles. in fact, i recommend a full-blown lip sync session to something classic and trashy - clear away all them tired&emotional cobwebs.

(Text)ure and (me)aning said...

Oh no, not boring at all..
lovely and true
I am the same
then I too breath in all that beautiful air
and check my vitals
and just get on with it too.

Your work on the other hand made me catch my breath- I love it!!!!!

dell said...

Oh, thank you, though I quickly have to say it's not my work. It is my new job though, working in cottage industry selling the work of the clever and amazing penelope durston. She is responsible for this handspun wool silk pompom beanie, and she also is the cat's mother.

chookshacks said...

nah, shes the cats pajamas