I rescued a big pot from hard rubbish and discovered when I tipped it into my potting mix that the dry old soil was full of bulbs. They have since come up in so many pots and I have been waiting very patiently wondering what they would be. Well, spring is here and now my yard is full of pretty freesias. LUCKY!


shorty said...

hi dell! lucky lucky you indeed. freesias smell like heaven.

Adam said...

can i come home now?

Elizabeth said...

me too, me too! My front garden is so full of freesia's that i can smell where my house is before i see it. I've been cutting them and popping them in jars all over the house. So lovely. Yours look so pretty!

bird x

problematic said...

so pretty! when i was little i used to call them the 'frosty fruit' flowers.

pen said...