va piano

I think means go slowly in Italian, which is pretty much the perfect name for a handsome new cafe, all wood and red and corners and no nonsense. You know, Handsome.

Speaking of good-looking, look at this guy, from Brendan Huntley's show at Utopian Slumps. I love his ceramics, and the one below was one of my favourites. He was part of a pair, and one of a few I'd be happy to live with if I had piles of spare money. Ha, there's a concept. Spare money.


lauren said...

a handsome post miss dell. that cafe, all that nice wood, brendan's work and well, brendan himself ain't that bad either.

now, could you spare some more details about that cafe, in case one wishes to frequent it? pretty please? in the interest of taste testing, and all.

dell said...

It's at the end of the line of the 96 tram opposite the pub on nicholson street east brunswick. near RRR. Yes taste test!

Ben.H said...

Go softly.

lauren said...

excellent. my hood.