eh mugs...

It's been muggy. That is the reason I left Queensland. I hate the humidity. There are other reasons too, but I'll leave it at that. Today in the shop I had beads of sweat on my forehead and lip and no cool breeze for relief. And yesterday was basically hot, riding in the sun. It felt like summer had started already. Damn. I'm not ready. I might never be ready!
I am also quietly horrified that it is already almost November, as I realized today it's Melbourne Cup long weekend and the city will be full of drunken suits and fascinators. This weekend.
I need to make a big floppy sun hat to hide under.
I'm glad to be going to the country to visit the farm. Now, fingers crossed it won't rain so we can camp. The forecast is for thunderstorms so like I said, fingers crossed.

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pen said...

I've set the fan up..... cool breeze sorted