You know. It was hot again today. It's nice to have a day in the shop to escape from my own indecisive, running around, then disappearing down the drain studio days. I have been driven a little crazy by it. But whatever. Adam and I have put together another show. It opens in one week at C3. I haven't finished anything properly yet. Tomorrow is the day.
Tomorrow is the day.
Today however, was a very pleasant day. Like I said, in the shop in front of the fan, stitching a magpie and talking to nice people. Pene bought me a watermelon granita this afternoon. So. good. Then topped up with ginger beer which equals a cup full of happiness.
I've found my other summer drink. I usually rely on frozen coconut juice. Oh and speaking of summer drinks.
Icy plum wine which is also delicious with a splash of gin when you need it. I'm going to need it this weekend.

in the shop today


(Text)ure and (me)aning said...

Plum wine, yum.
I didn't get to come in a buy a text purse,
boo hoo,
next week.
sending you putting together show luck!

problematic said...

My eye actually looks like this at the moment. Red and Pink Bug eyes. Heat and hay-fever don't mix. Pretty excited to have some plum wine on my porch. You will have to join me sometime! x

dell said...

Thank you...

cake said...

Yum plum. Where is the watermelon ice? I want one too.
You working Wednesday?

dell said...

Alimentari! On your way home from the office. Perfect. Yes I am working wednesday. Drop by if you like.