Smelt of Frangipanis, Jacaranda and Gardenias on Friday. All smells that remind me of Qld. By Sunday, after two days of sweltering 34 degrees it smelt of dust and smoke.

I had a nice time. I saw some art. I grumbled about humidity. I looked in fancy shops and oohed and aahed over those water views. I ate icecream and marveled at overwhelming amounts of Lycra and cheesecloth. Oh Sydney, you so BEACHY. And just like at the beach I am totally out of sorts. Covered in sunscreen, hiding under a towel with my hair blowing in my face and sand in my togs wondering how other people seem so relaxed.

I went to the opening of Del Kathryn Barton's new show 'The Stars Eat Your Body' at Kaliman Gallery. Lovely to see a crowd peppered with my favourite Romance Was Born prints, mostly draped over gorgeous little children. The paintings themselves are incredible in their colours and their details and their excess. A giant wall of painting. A giant cock. Snakes, birds and hollow-eyed waifs. And possibly my favourite this middle bearded man. Again there are better pictures on their website.

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