Feeling Lucky

Well you are getting pretty close to winning the Chutney Club Christmas Hamper. All you need to do to get closer is to buy a ticket in the raffle.

With the proceeds from the last fundraiser we bought goats, chickens, piglets and a veggie patch for families in need. Perhaps this year we can provide some chutney related gifts of fruit trees, some breakfast and also some eggs.

There are two prizes and the hampers include, but are not limited to...
Hoop's Aligator Sauce
Mango Chutney
Drew's BBQ Sauce
Birdie's Bahart
Quince Jones Jelly
Estelle's Mint Sauce
Big Red Tomato Relish
Barbie Sauce
Loquat and Mango (hot) Chutney
Frankie's Famous Relish
Chutney Club Label Sparkling Rosé, Sparkling Shiraz, a Marlborough Sauv Blanc and a Cruickshank Cabernet Franc...

The perfect way to enhance your BBQ summer. If you want tickets, come get them, ask me or any other friendly chutney club member.

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