It's beginning to feel like Christmas.

I'm usually sickened by all this money-spending, carol jingling, wave upon wave of ugly shiny things thing. Then lots of fun things are on and I see more of the people I love and I remember why it's good.
Another reason it is good is the food. I'm planning a Christmas pudding this year for the first time since I left home, and TODAY I made Rum Balls. We will be house-sitting in a house with an oven so we will also be able to uphold our tradition of baking Lebkuchen.
The Christmas Hamper raffle is also contributing to my feeling like it's Christmas, making money to buy useful gifts for people who really need it. In a different way to me needing a Dani M triangle necklace or a Penelope Durston Carole King Pouffe or a Charlie Sofo Birch log called 'More Balls'...

MMMM Rum Balls... Need I say more?

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