Rumble in the Jumble

Rumble and jumble are pretty high up on my favourite words list, so I was very happy when Pene sent through the flyer for this years studio sale.

It's a SALE!

So come RUMBLE IN THE JUMBLE in the amazing studio of the clever and industrious Penelope Durston. The sale also features the amazing Iggy and Lou Lou, Milly Sleeping, the talented ladies of handmadelife, Ramona and Beck, the crafty Miss Pen and plain ol' me.

This is a picture I took of Pene's studio in 2007. It will look different on saturday. Though I'm certain there will still be piles of good stuff to wade through.


Come prepared, it's CASH ONLY. It's this Saturday the 12th of December from 10am until 4pm at Studio 9 95 Victoria St in Fitzroy. The Victoria st just before Johnson st, not Victoria Parade.

Now I have to rustle through this mess to find some things to sell. There will be updates and more info here...

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