Where the wild things are...

I remained pretty reluctant to get excited about this movie, as I didn't want to amp up expectations even more. Anyway. It's beautiful. Any issues with extending the narrative of a one or two hundred word children's book into a two hour movie are handled quite well, though it does sometimes feel extended.
Anyway, I love that it is made here. The sound of gum leaves and crickets and those scary burnt forests push buttons that even the book doesn't have, painting a lonelier, more melancholic picture which makes more sense to me as an adult. I wondered how that seemed to people less familiar with the Australian landscape, as it is quite different to the book?
Anyway, the music, the light, the compositing of live things and wild things were all well done. So was the acting. Little Max Records is perfect.

Lets sleep in a pile every night!

Though we all know it'd never work. That's something to be sad about right there. Let's howl about it.

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shorty said...

Dell, to those who've sadly never been to Australia (sigh) it looked and sounded completely exotic and wild. I agree with you completely about feeling apprehensive before seeing the film, and then eventually congratulating the worthy experiment.

I thought it was really beautiful in the end, and melancholy, yes. I can't imagine how that must have been heightened for someone who recognized the flora and fauna as her own.