Green Thumbs

On Saturday I dropped into Y3K for a look at James Deutsher's 'Horoscope Ecologies'. I particularly love the first room which is maybe a separate exhibition entitled 'We Are Building A Civilized Space Here', though I remain unenlightened as to whether he is solely responsible for it. Whatever. Plants make us happy. And these ones are nurtured in delicate constructions dividing the space and bringing to mind my idea of the room division in the Headmasters House of The Moms in 'Infinite Jest'. Phew. Mouthful. That reference might be the opposite of the Wellness Architecture the catalogue essay speaks of as 'The Man Himself' commits grizzly suicide by putting his head in a microwave there.
Sorry everybody, random.

Back on topic, I've been tossing around ideas for more growing art projects and nurturing my own wall of hanging plants so I know of the sense of wellbeing they bring. Go see!

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