The High Life

This morning I installed my work for 'The High Life' at Rooftop Bar. The bottom image is Adam Cruickshank's work, also at Rooftop.

The High Life
is a series of rooftop art projects curated by West Space that will be a feature of this year’s Melbourne Food + Wine Festival. The Festival invited West Space to work with contemporary artists to present artworks that reflect upon themes initiated in this year’s festival keynote project ‘The Metlink Edible Garden’. West Space has commissioned eight artists to make new work that responds to ideas around plants and gardens, food sustainability, urban landscapes and environmental concerns more broadly.

Working across some of Melbourne’s best-loved rooftops for the duration of the festival, the artists have also responded to the unique flavour of each establishment. How will artists interpret the hunter/gatherer ethos at Sarti Bar and Restaurant, or the flamboyant cheekiness of Madam Brussels? How will they respond to the understated but oh-so-Melbourne elegance of the Order of Melbourne, or the cool as a cucumber and high as a kite atmosphere of Rooftop Bar?

Artists: Sarti Restaurant & Bar: Hotham Street Ladies + Natasha Frisch
Rooftop Bar and Cinema: Dell Stewart + Adam Cruickshank
The Order of Melbourne: Andy Hutson + Kirsten Bradley
Madame Brussels: Tai Snaith + Carl Scrase

Closing Night Event: Tuesday 23rd March On the closing night, come join us on a walking tour across all four sites: Beginning at Sarti at 5:30pm.

P.S. We love West Space, and encourage all punters to get to the current show in the gallery before it finishes up tomorrow afternoon. One word. Air-dancer.

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