I want to get high - so high

Last night was the closing night walk around of 'The High Life' Project. It was my chance to get to all the venues and see the other works. I hadn't been back to rooftop since install, so was slightly apprehensive, considering the possibilities of high winds and flags impaling passersby on Swanston Street or less dramatically bunching up or slipping. It was fine though, they were pretty much as I left them, though thankfully there was a little more wind to show them better.
And below, is Adam Cruickshank's work looking shiny and pristine in the fading light.

I loved the 'The Garden of Armageddon' In Sarti’s pizza oven, the Hotham Street Ladies created a miniature rock opera as a vision of Armageddon. Including hilarious moulded icing skulls and howling little people slipping into the bog and conflict of the final day of reckoning, all visualized in various foodstuffs.

Natasha Frisch
had her beautiful, delicate tracing paper grass growing through the decking of Sarti. Andy Hutson's High Life at the Order of Melbourne was a gorgeous psychedelic garden of cardboard based on psychotropic plants and vegetables that he has grown – or attempted to grow – in his own garden. Nice story greenthumbs and nice work with the cardboards.

And finally Tai Snaith and Carl Scrase were at Madam Brussels, with tea-potted succulents and flower bombs. I managed to miss the much anticipated explosion of rose petals as I heard an 'aaaaaaaaah' from the appreciative crowd as I tried to decide what to drink. I was very disappointed in myself and my timing. So was Kate. So much so that we later collected up as many petals as we could to try to recreate the event. Kate went home with petals in her hair, so perhaps she got to feel better, and me, I have these photos.

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