... my head. Seems it's just one of those lost days. Waking up to a crushing hangover where the only option is to sleep as much of it away as possible. Wasteful. Then go to the nearest mall and watch a big shiny movie. Luckily for us the big shiny movie was Alice in Wonderland in 3D. Perfect addled pop prettiness and demented characters in a an easy story. The 3D thing is a bit like the earnest Avatar experience without the fantasy styling and generous slather of purple glitter. Wonderland is full of psychedelic plants, potions and the ensuing insanity, so it's more my cup of tea. A least in this fragile state.

On an unrelated note, this is the sunset on thursday evening on my way to a lovely bbq hosted by this charming pair. Just after Pen had got into the shop and asked if I could smell smoke. Nope, but it was out there. I still don't know what was burning. I may have if I had an iphone. Or not, if I were too distracted by cat piano.


Eddy said...

I think it was the grand prix burning rubber causing the smoky haze- was like India over my side of the woods, crazy! nice pic.

dell said...

Oh, even the thought of that is horrible. I managed to miss the Grand Prix entirely, thankfully.

Eddy said...

yeah, its really vile, thank god its over
and the ducks and swans can return to their lake..

p.s love those fluro bracelets