You're doing it wrong

Is an exhibition by Simon MacEwan. He was just in the Sunday Age for his jewels being ripped off by Topshop. This is not about jewels though, it's about new drawings. The tagline for the show goes 'Ill considered drawings, the like of which you've probably seen done better by others.' Cute - but it's doubtful. His drawings are pretty good, and really very considered.

youre doing it wrong

The hair bear bunch model the invitation. You're doing it wrong*. At C3. March 3. Come enjoy some sunny Autumn loveliness with a glass of cider on the grass.

*Rather amusing coming from Simon, who has a way of implying that just about everything I've ever done has been done wrong to some degree. Not in a bad way, just in a 'hmmm, perhaps it'd be better if you...'

Anyway, I'm looking forward to it, I hear there is some psychedelic spilt beer which is sounding pretty good to me, having already loved the spilt milk.

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little nemo said...

no, dell the only thing you are doing wrong is thinking that it may refer to you. Really that is my fault; it should say "simon is doing it wrong, again. How does he cope with the feeling of constant failure?" but that wouldn't fit on the invite.

don't let the milk fool you.