Three young things came in the shop the other day, one of whom asked if we had handkerchiefs. His two friends laughed. Handkerchiefs divide the people, and I am under no illusion that I'm in the majority when I say I love them, but I told him so anyway.

I keep one or three in my bag at all times for the bike riding sniffles (it's getting colder) and for crying or in case of sticky hands.

I have a growing collection which exploded recently with a bundle from Pen. I had asked if she comes across them in her opshop travels. AHA! Instant collection. Here are a few of my favourites.

This horse was from Pene, and I love it too much to use NEIGH! The others are not above snot, and are mostly loved for their wrongness. I was never a fan of Mickey and Minnie even as a kid, but for some reason this pleases me no end.

And I love the idea of souvenir North Queensland handkerchiefs, blow your nose on this tropical paradise!
There you go. Apologies if you find them revolting.


lauren said...

i only have two - both boring, checkered men's ones. this has totally inspired me to find cool hankies! i didn't think there was such a thing... thank you for saving me from a utilitarian nose-blowing existence.

ii-ne-kore said...

hello! i love the handkerchief, and would totally love to see it make a general comeback - not just for gentlemen but for the ladies too.

just coming back from japan, the multi-use handkerchief (apart from nose-blowing which would horrify the population there if done in public and jammed back into the pocket:) reigns supreme - even just keeping one on hand to dry your hands after the loo is a supremo thing, i think. no more paper towels and the like...it so does divide, though for sure! i am up for the nose blow inclusion, or at least the nose wipe. all the more reason to have more on hand...
i love the horse beyond belief!

oops, sorry, that is long comment.