Gilbert and George

I really enjoyed Julian Cole's 'With Gilbert & George' - here are some quotes, just imagine them speaking in unison.

"We dare to dream of a world of beauty and happiness, of great riches and pleasures new. Of joy and laughter of children... a world of feeling and meaning, a newer, better world. A world of delicious disasters, heart rending sorrow, loathing and dread, a world complete, all the world in an art gallery."

"The whole of the population of this planet is, more or less, divided into twos; it's the most common unit. So it's very good that an artist can be as normal as that. We are being very normal by being two."

"We don't have a kitchen, it is against our religion. We feel we would waste too much time if we were involved in the cooking and buying of food and the disposing of waste. No kitchen, no smells, no cooking, no time-wasting."

I found this attitude to cooking hilarious and pertinent right now when I feel I have so much to do and still have to wash up and cook dinner and well, how boring and how time wasting (she says as she posts things on the internet). Adam assures me I wouldn't last long on their greasy spoon caf diet and would waste any time I saved in getting dressed to go out for every meal. Fair point.

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