After the party...


A last day dash down to Kings to see A quarter turn on every screw. It was well worth the dash, as I had suspected awhile ago when I read about it via Lauren Brown. It's a good show (or was, it's over) and I loved more than a few of the works. I laughed out loud again and again at Making Changes, a video work by Lee Walton. Laughter is so pleasing in a gallery and his hilariously mundane documented changes made me feel a little like adjusting some things, just a little. Here he is succesfully moving forward, which might give you some idea of his grasp of business language.

Pictured above is Yvette King's work, featuring balloons cascading down the stairway and drifting around the entrance. The full list of materials is evocative enough; featuring two cargo nets, balloons, a plastic bucket, some fishing line, nails, plywood, steel rod, Teflon tape, exhaust fan, hot glue, rotisserie spit motor, Aluminium strapping, motion sensor, electrical cable and some screws. Talk about smoke and mirrors! Her work and Sanné Mestrom's PAWNS were highlights, as was the Sleep transcription by Anthony Johnson – a beautifully bound text – generated while having a nap on a laptop.

I have to agree wholeheartedly with Lauren here, the catalogue essay by Kel Glaister is fantastic. And I'm always happy when I find something to pick up and take home which is well worth the paper it's printed on (AND happily you can also save some paper and download it here).


This is an irrelevant and dated photo taken out the window of Sarah Scout. It's from at least a show or two ago (irrelevant cause this isn't even the show, just out the window) but I thought I'd add this window to the doorway to yet another post about things past.

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lauren said...

so glad you got to see the show and i agree that laughter in a gallery is a beautiful thing.

lee? anthony? ha! they killed me! (as ALF would say)