Domestic Death Rattle

Is an exhibition by Adam Cruickshank which opens this week at West Space. Though there's never a good time to do your back, some times are more not good, he is in pain, and it's not just art pain. Anyway, I am on call to help with any lifting and picking things up off the floor.

I have somehow managed to kill my keyboard this week, so it is nice to be able to type on this other computer (at the studio) which has a full keypad of letters and no penchant for excessive dddddddd.........oooooooooottttttttttttttttsssssssssss......................

Thursday night at West Space. A potential racket. And so much more. Dare I mention textured walls and glass pebbles.
Adam Cruickshank.

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lauren said...

oh no! i had no idea! i'll help if i can tmrw too..