Listening to...

You may have noticed in the last few weeks I have added a listening to... to the side of this blog. If you click the picture there's a link to a video or song that has been in my head. Today I updated to Ariel Pink. Before Today is the new album and I highly recommend it, though it just made me want to listen to the older stuff again, because I LOVES IT. When I was looking on youtube this song came up, and it is a favourite. Kate I wait. My friend Kate is prone to be late 'I wait, I wait, I wait for Kate'. I love these lyrics, this AM radio echo and pop and this touch of melodramatic glamour.

It's from 'The Doldrums' album of 2004 which sounds like it lived under a damp rock or on the sunburnt dash of a Toyota Corolla for 25 years. It includes such gems as 'Good Kids Make Bad Grown Ups' and 'Let's Build a Campfire There' made infinitely more lovable BECAUSE they sound like they lived under a damp rock or on a sunburnt mixtape bursting with all the classic hits, a bit warped and a little stretched.

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