Spots and stripes

I have been meaning to post this for a week or two, pending pictures. I have a well documented love of pattern and multiple patterns together, clashing. Predictably I fell for this fabric when I spotted it at Tessuti, a cotton printed with one side stripes, the other side spots. I bought some as a post exhibition treat, and made it up immediately. The hooded jacket pattern was taken from my friend Irina's felted wool one, and I have been meaning to make it for almost a year now.

So, here, a fully reversible spot/stripe hood jacket. Light-weight for Autumn, perfect right now with a woolen layer underneath. Also perfect when you want to wear as many patterns at once as you can. Which happens abit. I will perhaps document it, but cannot help feeling like a donkey.



but as if I needed another reason to spend my pay on mustard spots this week!!!

sublime-ation said...

Damn that's cool. I have been a reversible freak since primary school, remember those reversible jackets that were also bags? So daggy but such a good idea. Love spots and stripes too.

dell said...

I love a multi use item, at least in theory if not in practice. Have you seen the fixxxed shopper top? I like but probably wouldn't use as a bag.

Maybe though!