I keep forgetting to post about Lula. Any fashionable folk will know it's a biannual dream bible of beautiful things and beautiful girls.

They have a new website with added extras to the Magazine, excerpts from interviews, short films from photoshoots. It's all pretty dreamy. I am a humble contributor to the Lula Scrapbook and the link is always on the sidebar. My latest contribution is all about my Aura. Some of you will understand.

The last issue featured one of my all time favourites Yayoi Kusama and some spotty editorial in her honour. There is also a love letter to freckles, so you can see how they are after my heart. This is another of my last past the post posts, but everytime I look up at Yayoi and her love forever eyes I feel the need to write something. So here we are. Spots on spots.

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