We don't want your money.

Honey, we want your love. Relying upon barter (the original method of consumption) and excluding currency, SUPER MARKET is an invitation to engage directly with the process of trade and negotiation.

Featuring: Adam Cruickshank, Agents of Proximity, As You Were Saying, A Constructed World, Damp, Dell Stewart, Geoff Newton, Grant Nimmo, Greatest Hits, Hotham Street Ladies, Jessica McElhinney & Jarrod Zlatic, Kate Smith, Kay Abude, Kiah GM, Moop Jaw (Antuong Nguyen & Warran Wright), People Collective, Safari Team, Sibling and The Telepathy Project.

I'm pitching my rug on the floor of 200 Gertrude St with some bits and pieces from the studio (above) and maybe some other things I've found. Curated by Kim Brockett as part of the Always Moving program at Gertrude Contemporary Art Space. One day only. This saturday July 3 from 11 - 4pm. Come and visit. Even good banter counts as barter.

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