Friday we visited Heide. It's the first time I've been to the gallery in a long while. It was a perfect sunny winter day and the whole place smelled like Eucalypt blossoms and fresh crisp air. I have wanted to see Charlie Sofo's show I wander for awhile. I think it may almost be the last week this week? It was school holidays so the place was teeming with lunchers and educational activities. Possibly not the best time to go, but also interesting to see how the crowds react.

It's poetic and charming and me being a sucker for poetry and charm I was quite happy. I also loved Simryn Gill's pearls - made from books acquired from friends and given back to them as pearls. The bowerbird in me also loved the found object necklaces. A nice paralell with Charlie's constellation of Balls. More better writing about it here.

My Great Grandma made beaded curtains from old magazines. I used to love swishing through them. A couple of years ago my aunt Pene made me some beads like them. I should find them and wear them. I will. All images are Simryn Gill.

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