It's been so busy round here, I feel like I mighta been swept out to sea, splashing about in the ebbing tides.

I am enjoying the first hints of Spring, though I did almost get washed down the storm water drains of Lygon Street yesterday. I had the loveliest ride to work, interrupted only by a stop to pick some roadside blossoms. Last night though, I was drenched through before I'd even ridden the two blocks towards the tram stop which was my second transport option. Hmmm, may as well keep riding – wet already – except if there are gale force winds, thunder and hail to come. I discovered there is absolutely no shelter up the top end of Canning street if it's hailing stinging ice in your face. Not that I wanted to stop and dwell on my shoes full of icey water and wring out my gloves. I just wanted to get home. I was actually laughing in the hail, it was beyond ridiculous to be riding in it. But there you go, I got home, slowly.

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