Good Friday

At the farm. So good. We picked apples and quinces, roasted things in the Aga, huddled around it all night til we decided to light the bonfire, which we proceeded to run around, and warmed up in the morning with ping pong and coffee. What a good friday - and saturday. Now I have a mountain of fresh crunchy Granny Smith apples to make something of. I did find a recipe for apple beer in the Tasmanian CWA cookery book. I am also considering stuffing and baking some and maybe making a batch of peppercorn jelly.

Yes, I have been slightly deluded into thinking it's holidays here, but I have so much to do, and now, I also need to make apple beer. Whoops.

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annie said...

hello farm! i miss you ... i was having a little thought about whether it is just ridiculous to think of staying there in june .... too cold?
hello dell! i miss you more.... xx