Chutney Club at the farm was like an exhibition of woolens. Hand knits. Some nice beanies on our littlest members, and a really nice one on our pinkest member. Ha. Even the dogs were chewing on hayseeds.


Our charming host with the most, including chairs and fire and fresh air for 15 people, farmer Don.


And lastly, I made lilly pilly jam. I went native - and I was a little surprised at how few people know what Lilly Pillies are. They are falling off trees all over town, weird spongey little things. Delicious.


bawkbawk said...

farmer don is a total babe!

dell said...

That he is!

Mad Wren in Production said...
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Jen said...

I know, I know!!!

I have started my own club, 'Jammy Bastards'. It's a total rip-off, except my jars aren't as nice. It's also a party of one at the moment, but this just the beginning, probably.

dell said...

I like Jammy bastards. I was thinking you should be a celebrity guest at some point.

annie said...

i am loving all that wool - i think even Clancy's yellow number is a hand-me-down from Sailor .... look at the farm!! look at chutney club!! ahh boo.