Africa love

I came across this today, Madeleine is a lovely and local crafty lady, but today on her blog I see she is raffling a beautiful quilt to raise funds for East Africa. The sentiment is beautifully put, and the quilt is equally beautifully made. I love her hankey blankets – not just cause I am a strange hankerchief collector – but also because they are really nicely done.

For a good cause and a good chance to win, enter here.

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Mads said...

Oh thanks so much for helping and spreading the word Dell! You're ace! The quilt is nowhere near up to Pene's incredible high standard though, so if by chance you win you must promise not to show her!!!
Glad to read that the move went well...we are house hunting in Preston too, at the moment, so maybe we'll see you around the hood sometime.
Thanks again Dell! And your new hair looks gorgeous (as usual) peeping out from under your hat xx