Bunking off.

I have been skiving off various social engagements and hanging out at HOME. It has been great. I will try to be more sociable soon, BUT, if today's efforts at communication are anything to go by, it may be confusing. Last night it was mainly cause I got primally dumped on, and was an utterly drowned rat. Today looked like there may be more of the same, but I did hop on my bike in the window of sunshine this afternoon to attend the latest show at Mr Kitly. Kumu by Masanori and Rina Ono, designs in wood, metal, paper and fibre. It was a very sweet affair, with elegant wood and metal work, a cunning display, the ever-changing, ever-lovely Mr Kitly garden, catering by Trotski and Ash and many nice people to talk to.

I forgot to drop into the kitchen to say hello but I did take a couple of pictures of pretty things as they emerged. Yum.


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