It's a jungle in here

Thursday night was Guildford lane, with a Utopian Slumps show, and It's a jungle in here at Screenspace, which is part of the Melbourne festival. Van Sowerwine and Isobel Knowles are all kinds of clever. I had the privilege of sharing a studio with Isobel earlier this year while they were working on this, so I was really looking forward to taking part in the final product. The lazy suzan set they built, the picture box for viewing, the technology, man, it's all smart and very fancy.

There was a queue, luckily for me I got to catch up with some amazing ladies while I waited, and then had the unexpected pleasure of not only being a bearded book reading nerd on the train, but also being bullied by beautiful Lorelei in the guise of obnoxious twin schoolgirls. Joy is probably not what it is meant to come of the experience, but still. 'Part psychodrama, part multimedia marvel, It's a jungle in here is a confronting tour of the fragile rules that organise our public lives.' It was a really fun night, ended in coconuts with Laksa and then a long ride home.

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