Salad days

Here is the Bearded Ginger Wizard Cat who watches over our backyard. Lucky us!

I had a long weekend. I went to Preston market and came away with heaps of salad. I always get a little overwhelmed and caught up by whimsical and impractical food purchases at the market. How many coconuts is too many? Why is my bag so heavy, yet I don't have the makings for one regular meal?

The salad days! I crunched through lots of healthy colourful foods. I rolled rice paper rolls. I cut open coconuts, drank the water and dug out the flesh. I baked fresh coconut kisses. I tended to my baby peas (pea weaving) and my sorrel (so delicious!) I was possibly over-excited about the emergence of the potatos from the ground (garden nerd). I walked through the neighbourhood taking cuttings from various bushes and planted them, in the hope that there is strength in numbers and they all grow, together. I made a persian mint cup. And sipped it with ice and lime.

Then it got cold again and the salad days were over. Soup days just don't sound so good do they?
Maybe I am looking forward to warm weather. Weird, as I wilt. Or maybe this year I just get to enjoy spring, as my hayfever hasn't been so bad. Flowers are friendly. On that note, a pretty papery Ranunculus in my garden.

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pen said...

the wizard cat is seriously amazing......
I want to meet him