Numerology has weirdly become a recurring theme here. SO.

bike love

I can't help loving today's date, I already had a problem with always seeing 11:11 (I could be a lightworker) but it's been getting worse since a friend got into numerology in Byron Bay (it spreads like a disease). I also heard on the internet that 11-11-11 is the cosmic birth date of humanities prayer for liberation from the rote, mundane, and monotonous. Magnificent.

I hope you look at this at 11:11 today. I hope it makes you feel a little bit like we are connected like a whole endless row of equal ones going on forever. You've probably stopped reading by now, I don't blame you. Or, you could be in Byron Bay being blown away by the Boredoms and their 111 Drummers (the Japanese experimental legends will again be celebrating the beauty of palindromic/symmetric dates by putting together a massive drum circle in Byron Bay on the 11/11/11) but HUSH, if you told me that I'd be jealous, and jealousy seems misplaced when we are talking about liberation, interconnectedness and the beauty of symmetrical dates.

Considering my casual numerological dalliances, it seems appropriate to circuit back to Byron Bay and the Boredoms on a day like today.

9, 10, Legs

On International day of interconnectedness I give you a picture of my bike looking very pretty amidst the bougainvillea. I bike which I feel lucky to have each day, along with every one of the people I have the pleasure to know.


annie said...

i really really like your link to your 'a friend' who got so into numerology when living in byron bay !!! its ALL LIES folks LIES LIES LIES !!!!!!
(but yes - thanks for the txt - was it sent at 11:11 ? i got it at 10:12 (which is a 4) haha! XXX)

dell said...

Yes sent at 11:11 Melbourne time. I expect time is different there. I also suspect my phone sends texts when it is good and ready.

I miss you!

annie said...

I miss you too!