Adam asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Not much but nice food and a chance to catch up with some loved ones. But that is unhelpful, so here is a foolishly dreamy list of possibilities.

Anything from Mr Kitly. No, really. You could close your eyes and spin around and whatever you pointed at, I'd be happy to give a home. The plants are an obvious favourite, as are the wooden hexagonal platters and the copper tea canister of my dreams.

Books, books, books. I am my mother's daughter here. Each year we'd get a new book or more, for holiday reading, and I treasure them. Big and full of pictures, or small and absorbing. That wishlist, along with the new music one, is never ending, surprise me.

I also kind of dream of REALLY comfortable shoes like these, (thanks to Adam for making me look at future sneakers with him) or perhaps more predictably boots like these.

I can't help but dream of covetable pretty black, and pretty coloured things. Then, I'll get all practical on a more boring note, and remember we need salad servers, a couple of decent sized noodle bowls and maybe a food processor.

Obviously I am quite happy without any of it. But, it's nice to dream of nice things.

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