The gypsy fair

I had a really nice day at M.T.O. despite my ping pong hangover. Meeting nice people. Hanging out with friends. Eating gourmet BBQ. Admiring the garden. Selling my printed tshirts and other bits and pieces, occasionally shopping at other stalls.

Oni-Ray's stall definitely had the cute factor, and was just across from me, so I enjoyed watching him do business. A very committed stall holder.

Oni-Ray's stall

Rebecca had baked delicious snickerdoodles, that also helped keep me going. Lookit her apron, Gingerbread men!

Rebecca's gingerbread apron

Sean at the BBQ. Emma was making delicious salty soft pretzels too, UM, EM, can I get the recipe? All delicious, and, as usual, I only talk about the food. Thanks guys!

my stall

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