Fruit Ninja

Pene and Jen picked some delicious roadside plums last week, I scored a bag full. They have been sweet and crunchy fresh, but the majority I made into some plum jam with rosemary. The last few I just now made into an upside down cake with Rum and Vanilla. Amazing colour, and yum.

I also picked a bag full of Cumquats at Cass and Emma's, otherwise Cass just stands on them. It's one of my favourite marmalades, along with lime and grapefruit. Adam and I also talked about trying to make something like the amazing candied cumquats from the man at Kobo-San market in Kyoto. Argh. I still fondly remember their chewy deliciousness.

After a bit of research, I tried the candied ones today, and I got distracted and let it burn on one side of the pot. Fail. The otherside was still good, but couldn't keep cooking it to the right consistency, so is still a bit too gooey. Anyway, I have decided they would be better with the oblong cumquats, so will be keeping an eye out for those.

The rest of the cumquats are macerating in the fridge in order for me to cook them up tomorrow with some strawberries. This is a recipe from the Blue Chair Jam Cookbook, a wonderful gift from Pene last year. I have been very busy in the kitchen, so there will probably be a few more posts like this – unless, as you may have noticed lately – I can't be bothered. Definitely still half in holiday mode. Playing Fruit Ninja in between gardening, cooking and the odd bit of sewing.

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