16 Bottles of beer on the wall

Ginger Beer! I bottled it today, Though I have a feeling this batch might be the sacrificial batch. Not so much that they will explode, more that the flavour in the bug hasn't built up properly. We will see how it goes, it says 5 days til it's ready, so I will update. As long as it's fizzy and drinkable I'll be happy. I have the rest of the bug still developing some more flavour for another 10 days, then I'll make the really good batch. I love that it is called a bug, or a mother or a plant. Growing yeasty things is kind of fascinating.

My Mum had her ginger beer making licence revoked after too many explosive batches. Even when we started using PVC bottles to avoid shattered glass, some of them lost their tops and swelled up beyond recognition, the dimples at the base completely rounding off like a torpedo. We used to wrap them in a towel and gingerly carry them to the fridge. You had to drink the whole bottle as they no longer stood up. We loved this ritual as kids and I have been meaning to make my own for ages. It tastes like summer to me. Now that I live in the deep suburbs and I can't be bothered going out on my day off, it seems like the perfect time to experiment.

Then I might need to make some Preston Mules.

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