The weekends blurred together abit as I only worked 2 days last week. Drinking Ouzo and eating pickles. Visiting the twins. Playing Cricket and Ping Pong. Watching the West Indian Cricket team in their glory days at the Shadow Electric. Riding bikes. Getting lost. Drinking beer. Making many types of refreshing drinks, persian mint cup, various iced teas. Watching the skies from the hammock. Picnicing and witnessing the bats take off from Bellbird picnic ground to the sounds of Snawklor and Sun Araw in the dark. Waiting on the storm to break. And just recently, drinking ginger beer spiders.

Backyard picnic
pleasure stacking
Bike path
Killer Instinct
Parrot earring

There were a couple of afternoon kips in there too. Adam would call it pleasure stacking. Maybe I do like summer?

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