We have been enjoying the fruits of the backyard. The potaters are delicious, and just fresh out of the ground. Tomato's have been busy for a month or so now, but I am still waiting on some bigger ones. I ended up planting about 5 varieties. With shallots, beans, mint and sorrel it became a warm potato salad. There is also a couple of types of chili, I am willing my rhubarb to get BIG, there is also silverbeet and lotsa leeks which have made a few amazing quiches. Delicious.

I put in some beetroot and cucumber last week, and some pumpkins too. Now what to plant after potatoes? More leeks? Garlic? Mustard? Corn?

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Paula Alice said...

Hi Dell, looks great! Our vege patch is doing great too - its much easier to grow things down this south. we have corn, tomatoes big n small, eggplant, beans lettuce, beets, wondering do you have a recipe for eggplant chutney?
love Paula - long lost cousin xx