I've been away. Lucky me. We spent an extra long weekend at Nic's place down the Otways, in both mist and sunshine. It was very nice. We walked the perimeter each day keeping an eye out for koalas, kangaroos, wallabies and snakes. We saw all of those and many pretty birds too. We walked on the beach, collected pebbles and swam in the ocean. I breathed so much fresh sea air, and good strong eucalyptus air. It feels like the best medicine after a week of a summer cold.

rock buttons

We also stoked up the squirrel and had a youtube tag marathon and watermelon granita vodka slushies and homemade ginger beer mules. More photos on my other camera which is yet to be dumped onto the computer, but coming soon! Koala pictures and inside the beehives honey! I aspire to be better at posting the things that are happening, and things are happening, but no promises. There are lots of exciting things afoot, which I hope to tell you about in good time.

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