Bee Sustainable

We did a beekeeping workshop the other day at the awesomely named Bee Sustainable on Lygon st in East Brunswick. I was really happy when this shop opened up last year, as I am a bee nerd, and I lived just nearby. Now that I don't live nearby, I finally got around to going there to learn about the bees. We also made a frame and strung it with wire and embedded beeswax foundation in, using this jig and a battery charger.

They also have all kinds of other goodness. Many varieties of honey, to taste and buy. Beekeeping equipment, specialty items for vegetable and fruit cultivation, preserving and food storage supplies as well as information and books on all aspects of domestic food production and self sufficiency. Oh, and keeping bees.

I will be down at the Harvest workroom abit next month, so I think I'll be back for more; seeds, honey and maybe some preserving tips. Speaking of seeds, this week I have planted spinach, rocket and radish seeds, as well as leeks and red onion seedlings. They are pleased about this rain. OMG me too.

All this preserving talk makes me think it's nearly time for another Chutney Club meeting.

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