Art sandwich

After a big day in the shop, Pene treated me to a late afternoon strawberry and chocolate crepe from Breisoz. These crepes have those delicious crunchy edges and a decadent dollop of vanilla cream. I needed energy after an early morning.

I got on my bike and went to the opening of Figure and Ground at Utopian Slumps featuring some earth works by a bunch of artists. I locked my bike under a vertical garden, I have no clue how long that's been there, but I feel like it's relatively new?

I also visited the Flouresce closing at the NGV studio for that bit of colour and lastly the new shows at Craft Victoria. I was there long enough to say hello to some people and get me some lolly cake, which gave me energy to ride up the hill to Don's place, where I crashed a dinner party. Good thing I did too, BBQ roasted chicken and vegetables, and truly delicious smoky beans. Another late night, and I'm tired. It's about art, but it starts with food and ends with food.

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