Ariel Pink

We saw Ariel Pink on friday night, supported by Geneva Jacuzzi and Evelyn Morris. Being tired beyond the usual friday afternoon, I didn't really wake up to it until well into Geneva's hair antics. I was fully awake though as soon as the first line of Haunted Graffiti was delivered. Such a good combination of charisma, hilarity and that amazing voice. This one gig made me feel better about not being at Golden Plains.

We had band practice instead. It was also good to see him reading new songs from a piece of paper. That makes me feel better about still not knowing the lyrics of our songs, even though we have written them, and played them almost once a week for the last year. Maybe we'll make a breakthrough soon? Practice would help. Did I mention how much I love the band?

Unrelated photo, beads. AND, I'm looking to buy a floor tom, any leads?

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