Making pants

An example of my misguided use of time. We have had a few days to do a big clean up and I am preparing for a residency at Harvest Textiles. At about three o'clock on a sunday afternoon I decide to make a new pair of pants, no two.

I start off my residency in the print studio tomorrow, you see, so I decided I needed printing clothes. Make a project of it. A uniform for working. Half way through I decided maybe I didn't want either of them to be printing pants, if I like them? I thought it'd be nice to ruin something brand new, but now I think maybe not? This is Karen Walker blue printed denim. Can you tell I sew with a toy sewing machine?

For printing then, the spotty trousers I made late last year will have to do. They were crappy printed denim from spotlight, the spots wore off pretty quickly, at least on my bum. I have worn them almost to death. Now I can wear them to the studio everyday for two weeks, see what becomes of them. Maybe they'll get new spots.

Hopefully by tomorrow evening I'll have two new pairs of denim trousers to replace them for day to day wear. Neither are spotty though, so that's a bit sad. I went to find a picture of them, and sadly, there's not one. Seems I don't take photos of most of the things I make. That is kind of weird, considering. Anyway, the ankles of my spotty pants, with my NEW! gingham boots. <3 Patternzzzzzz.

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Paula Alice said...

Hi Dell
Fantastic sewing on a toy machine - never would have guessed, hope you have a fun couple of weeks!

ps - lovin the spots