The latest procrastination aid has been a couple of knitting projects. I should've been hand-stitching a flag, but I was knitting shorts. Yes, shorts.
It's a bit of a leap for me, following a pattern, or sort of following a pattern, and I have had help with the hard bits, and occasional issues from the knit wizard, Pene. She can redeem dropped stitches in the blink of an eye, and see every mistake as well. Sorry Miss wizard! I was knitting on the tram, and actually I like the odd twisted stitch, imperfect perfect.

Anyway, the shorts turned out just like shorts. I've even been wearing them, despite the fact they are too sizes too big, and pretty funny. They are very warm. Now though, with some adjustments, I am making another pair. These ones, I hope will fit better, and they are pretty ocean colours. Maybe then I will be finished knitting shorts? As someone said, how many funny shorts do you need? The answer is probably heaps, so maybe there will be more, depending how these go. Fingers crossed and clacking.


Anonymous said...

I need more funny shorts.

Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

(from cake)