I dug out one of my horseradish plants. I've been wondering what has been going on under the ground, as the tops have been going weird. Fair enough too, as they have been consistently under attack from caterpillars. Also home to many a Mantis, though I think they are a good thing. Certainly good to look at, like horseradish, gnarly and full of character.

After a little research I found some good instructions for dealing with it. Use gloves and goggles! Work outside! I chose to ignore the last instruction, but was wearing gloves while peeling the radish. I chopped it into bits and blended it with some iced water, then added some salt and apple cider vinegar. It made my eyes water even with goggles on. Anyway, we taste tested it last night at band practice. Don BBQed a couple of steaks and the horseradish was delicious with it and some buttery potatoes. It has a bit of an initial kick, intense, but it diminishes quickly. Just about perfect for me.

Now I am planning the major assault, I have 14 horseradish plants in the garden, so may need to set up outside in order to deal with a mountain of eye watering vegetables. I'm making some for the next chutney club.

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cake said...

Mantises feel like they should be good luck.

Horseradish, ouch, yum.