This week there are two group exhibitions I have work in. The first one is the annual West Space fundraiser exhibition. It's in support of a worthy cause and many good people are contributing. It's for a good time not a long time, so come to opening night on tuesday the 17th as it finishes up on the 22nd July.

The second is in Gallery 2 at C3. It opens Wednesday July 18th and continues to 5th August.


TaskMasters is about doing stuff and being busy. It's a reflection on the quest for constant occupation in modern life. Even when we’re not working, we are busy: with sport, hobbies, socialising or social networking.

To be occupied is a sign of a good life.

This self-imposed busyness might be driven by anxiety, ambition or not knowing what to do in its absence, but does this constant activity – going from one thing to the next – wear us down and make us poorer, as people and as a society? Or is it, sometimes at least, a form of devotion, with its own spiritual reward?

And on the above topic, a couple of things to layabout and read, which is what I dream I were doing more of, In praise of idleness and the busy trap.

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