The weekend was good, and busy. It almost feels like a rest to go back to work, it's just simpler at work. My life is a little crazy with things at the moment. It was Rachael's birthday over the weekend, and we have been busily plotting things to do in order to celebrate her. A cake, a feast, a funny collaborative handmade present, which took a lot of meeting and relaying bits and pieces between 5 of us, and a whole lot of head-scratching and problem solving for me.

I got to try my horseradish on some unsuspecting punters, sorry Rama! I did mean to danger label it that morning – but in between candying cumquats, baking meringues and a filo pilaf pie – I forgot. Whoops. It does have a horsey kick to it. The birthday party was lovely, and the workshops on Saturday were too. I look forward to showing you some funny and pretty lovely animations. It was a real pleasure hanging out for the day in the Craft Victoria reading library.

Photos soon, all going well.

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